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Susan G. Komen Connecticut

"The XPOexpress registration system has transformed the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure’s paper-based registration system into an user friendly automated system. The former registration system was plagued by long waiting lines. After bringing in XPOexpress, registration is a smooth and error-free process that also eliminates the need to manually enter Race Day registrations after the event. Feedback from participants has been outstanding for both years we have used XPOexpress. We also now have the ability to upload event day registrations into the Race timing company’s software moments before the beginning of the Race. This has turned a chaotic and last minute task into a simple and quick upload. The XPOexpress staff are very professional and easy to work with and the system they deliver enhances our event for everyone involved. "
Anne Morris
Chief Executive Officer
Susan G. Komen Connecticut

Emery | Waterhouse

"Thanks to XPOExpress we were able to replace our manual, paper-based show registration process with a state of the art electronic self registration process. Management was understandably nervous about making a significant change that would affect our long time customers and vendors, but their fears were unfounded. The registration experience turned out to be a highlight of the show. Feedback was excellent from all involved and it was clear that XPOExpress provided us with capabilities beyond those of our competitors.

Working with the staff to set up and execute the show was incredibly easy. They were very flexible to our specific needs and timelines and offered informed advice and options based on their experience at others shows. And they came through the night before the show, the whole team staying up most of the night to fix a data problem caused by a mistake we had made. That dedication and responsiveness made all the difference. Thanks! "

Michael Horrisberger
Director of IT

Kellogg Marine

Dear Michael,

I wanted to take a moment and express my deepest gratitude and sincere thanks to XPOexpress for a unbelievable outstanding job in bringing automatic ordering to our show. Your whole staff was a tremendous reflection on the company and they did your organization proud.

Steve and his staff, especially Dan who worked closely with me, are the best IT staff I've ever seen.

Hope your organization has a wonderful holiday season and we look forward to working with you in the future.

My sincere thanks!

Debbie Baker &
Robert E. Staehle

Event Operations & Planning Manager
Brunswick Boat Group P & A

Rhode Island Special Olympics

All I can say about XPOexpress is that it could not have been any easier. It was basically fool-proof and very, very easy to use. XPOexpress made our registration run quickly and very smooth. It was nothing but a huge convenience to have this system."

Tracy J. Garabedian
Director of Event Management
Special Olympics Rhode Island

Massachusetts Special Olympics

"The registration process for Dream Ride was not only user-friendly and very easy to learn, it also gave the event an incredibly professional appearance from the very beginning of the process that continued throughout the entire day!"

Heather Leigh White
Special Olympics Massachusetts
Special Olympics Massachusetts
West Section Director

Demers Exposition Services

Dear Ken:

First let me congratulate and thank you on the outstanding job you did at the Brunswick Marine Tradeshow. XPOexpress worked flawlessly and all the vendors were happy with the results.

As you know, I have been setting up tradeshows for 21 years. My company sets up 400 shows a year and I personally see about 100 of them. With that being said I have had the opportunity to see many different ordering systems. From sytems that were created by in-house IT depart- ments to companies that only do ordering systems. From what I have seen XPOexpress is by far more innovative and user friendly than the competition. I can only judge this by the reaction of the vendors who use it. I have never seen one of the vendors that use your system go away with a complaint. Also the level of competent staff you have at the show to help and service the vendors just compliments the ordering system.

I would recommend this system to anyone who uses an electronic ordering system, as I did with Brunswick. By far the best system I have seen and the best support staff to accompany the sys- tem. If anyone is contemplating using XPOexpress, please have them call me as a reference anytime.

Scott Ling
Demers Exposition Services, Inc.

Connecticut Special Olympics

"XPOexpress was user friendly and very easy to use even for those who had never worked with it before."

Lisa M. Carlone
Special Olympics Connecticut
Director of Special Events/Torch Run Liaison

Taken from May 4, 2009 edition of Supermarket News

Jim Mirabito, owner, Village Market IGA, Hannibal, N.Y., regards the online registration and ordering system "A tremendous improvement" over the way he used to do business at the food shows. "Online order- ing allows you to organize your thoughts ahead of time," he said. Then at the show, "you have time to talk to vendors and see new items and new concepts that can advance your business."

By printing out his orders at the end of the trade show’s first day, Mirabito of Village Market IGA can "look for my mistakes and for opportunities I missed," he said. He can also sort the printout "20 different ways" to better organize it for his store employees. "That way they’re not thumbing through the same pages looking for their department," he added. "That’s really cool, a huge time saver."

Jim Mirabito
Village Market IGA
Hannibal, N.Y.

Bozzuto's Inc.

"Bozzuto’s trade shows are more than just a selling show. They’re complex events with three different groups in attendance. We typically have educational sessions, multiple meal events each day, and entertainment in addition to a full tradeshow in which product is not only sold, it is also prepared and sampled throughout the day.

We utilize XPOexpress for booth registration for our suppliers. XPOexpress allows us to gather the necessary information to set up the booths, billing and determine who will require additional services at the show. All of this information is gathered up-front during the registration process to ensure that our tradeshow floor flows smoothly and all necessary venue requirements are met. An additional feature that we have heavily relied upon is email communication. Through XPOexpress we are able to set up email reminders and updates on a scheduled basis.

Once we have completed our booth registration, we make modifications to our registration website and topen the site up for general registration for all attendees. XPOexpress allows us to include all of our meal events, educational sessions and entertainment options in the general registration process. This has been a valuable feature in helping us to better plan for space, meals, and overall expenses. Through XPOexpress, we utilize RFID tracking. RFID tracks were each attendee travels during the show. This information allows us to reconcile counts for meals and educational sessions. It also allows us to communicate with attendees who may have missed a session and provide them with important information and updates, post-show.

Our shows would not be as successful if we didn’t have the ease of ordering that XPOexpress provides. From pre-show online ordering to the actual tradeshow, we have had nothing but positive comments from both our retailers and suppliers on how quickly the transactions go and how the ease has increased sales. Knowing that the system is easy to operate and has on-site safeguards allows us to enjoy the show and spend valuable with our customers.

Lastly, having all of your event data in one system, that can be queried in multiple ways, not only saves time on your post-show analysis, it allows you to better plan for future events. We highly recommend XPOexpress. You’ll love the flexibility the program has and you’ll love the additional time you save on planning and executing your events."

Director of Advertising &

Trade Show Chairperson
Bozzuto’s Inc.